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Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc.

The roots of Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. can be traced to a four man shop purchased by Ira G. Steffy and his son Dennis L. Steffy in 1976. Originally offering general repair and industrial welding, the company has expanded to provide structural steel and miscellaneous metals for projects of all sizes. We've provided structural steel and miscellaneous metals for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, shopping malls and warehouse just to name a few. We have become well known in the warehouse and distribution center market for providing high caliber buildings. Our past performances consist of numerous 1,000,000 square foot facilities or larger. Warehouse projects have become our niche in the market. We have become renowned all across the country for our expertise in providing the structural steel and miscellaneous metals required for warehouses of all shapes and sizes. Our field crews are very accustomed to erecting "big box" projects and we feel we can erect steel better than anyone else.
Our attention to detail and sensitivity to scheduling helps us expedite projects from start to finish, while always maintaining a high level of safety.

We care! We want to provide the best service possible for our customers on each and every project. When a new customer ask for a list of references we provide a list of the jobs we've done over the past few years. That's how confident we are that we'll get a good referral from anyone that we do business with. We are always pro-active with everything we do in an effort to provide our customers with the exceptional performance and quality product they deserve.

Other than our employees, honesty and integrity are our biggest assets. Our firm is striving to bring back integrity into the steel industry. If we are chosen to provide you with your structural steel and/or miscellaneous metals needs then you can be assured we will always be honest and fair with you. Contact us now about your next project!

All of our shop and field staff are AWS certified, which provides our customers with the quality they deserve.